Monday, September 22, 2008

Wet bus ticket

We recommend by majority that the Rt Hon Winston Peters be censured by the House for
knowingly providing false or misleading information on a return of pecuniary interests

Interesting to note, though not unexpected, Winston First and Liarbour MP's did not support the majority decision. Loyal, but misguided.

What a waste of taxpayers money. Hopefully the SFO will make an 'untainted' finding with teeth (some time post election). If the A-G retains his confidence in them.


adamsmith1922 said...

I think your wet bus ticket is on the money, I put a couple of posts up on aspects of this some of your readers might be interested in

PM of NZ said...

Yes, Adam - is that all we get for all that effort? BTW nice to see you over here.

Have just finished skimming the 280x pages.

Initial thoughts are a disputation of legal liars splitting hairs on mere technicalities while dancing on the head of a pin.

Unfortunately nothing will change - government in NZ will continue on it's corrupt journey.

Must go and have a look at your shop.