Friday, September 19, 2008

Sleep leaps in front of vehicle, unfortunately gets clear

Whale Oil's nemesis, the self styled Liarbour activist James Sleep, reports that a vehicle carrying National MPs nearly ran him over at some function in Oswald's shire.

Local activist James Sleep was today exercising his democratic right to protest when he was approached by an entourage of 4WDs carrying Wairapara MP John Hayes and John Key. Sleep attempted to get out of the way however he soon found himself being propelled backwards by the force of Hayes’ car. The car continued to accelerate for 20 metres until bystanders forced him to stop. Sleep described the incident as frightening and thought he was going to be run over. When the car stopped Sleep was aggressively tackled onto the ground by a male escorting Hayes.

Sleep has since laid complaints of assault and careless driving with the New Zealand Police.

More like he jumped in front of the vehicles to create an incident. Noticeable in the photograph was a sign he was holding, without typos or an authorisation statement. If he was about to disappear under the vehicle as he feared, the tackler deserves mentions in dispatches for putting his life and limbs at risk to save him.

That would be the same activist that spent yesterday spewing forth on local talkback?

Get a life Jimmy.


Inventory2 said...

Very likely one and the same PM - and that was one ANGRY activist that RNZ recorded!

James Sleep has a great future though - I'm just not sure what as - Crunchy the Clown perhaps?

Heine said...

He isn't Whales nemesis as that would mean he meant something to Whale :) James is a silly boy who obviously has not had good parenting. No parent would allow their kids to do what he does (or says) unless they didn't have his best interests in mind - or be mad lefties.

James has got his 15 mins of fame. I hope that is the end of his shameless stupidity but we know it aint!

PM of NZ said...


Cameron has had more than enough to do with Master Sleep in times past. Jimmy has had a lot more than his 15 minutes worth as googling 'sleep +whaleoil' shows.

Agreed this one was an attention seeking childish prank and shows where Liarbour's low and dirty game is at.

Oswald Bastable said...

At that age he should be trying to buy a few Tui's and lose his virginity- with girls.

What a sad twat!