Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mired in scandal

National is taking the fight away from daily scandals while her indoors dithers over the well overdue and required decision to scrap Winston.

The good news is the bad news when it comes to the interest rate cuts announced by the Reserve Bank Governor this morning.

“The interest rate reduction signals a deteriorating outlook for the economy through 2008-2009.

“The Reserve Bank says that over the next few years the economy will experience ‘tight monetary conditions, persistent underlying inflation with a series of cost shocks’.

... the outlook is concerning.

“In the face of the need for action, the Labour Government is mired in scandal and preoccupied with political survival.

“It is crucial that New Zealand now build a strong platform to achieve future growth and prosperity.

National’s five point plan will achieve that.”

• Ongoing programme of personal tax cuts.

• Bring discipline to government spending.

• Stop the massive rise in bureaucracy and red tape that Labour has encouraged.

• Have an unwavering focus on lifting education standards.

• Will invest in infrastructure to help this country grow.

Yes, while Liarbour is mired in scandal and corruption in the trenches looking for the next ally to send over over the wall to the dogs, National is showing where NZ needs to go.

Leadership, not control is required.

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