Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Labour admits to being confused

Liarbour is confused while it 'wrestles with the truth' over it's affiliations with unions and small parties.

So much so, the union has gone for legal advice on where the spending on union ads attacking National will fall post-election. They could all have a liability under the 'chilling' EFA which could upset some budgets.

Now, if you were not spending all your life being in Liarbour's back pocket and actually spent hard earnt subs money on helping members instead of running interference for your party bosses, you wouldn't have such problems.

Love the body language Helen. Says it all what I perceive about unions - confrontational, with attitude. How is megaphone Len these days? Soon to be charged?

All of this is their own making,being too clever by half. And perception is everything in this game of trust.

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Inventory2 said...

I've also blogged on this PM - the EFA really is the gift that keeps on giving!