Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race - V

31.5 hours in - 290Nm to run. Just over half the race done.

NZ Yacht Alfa Romeo still leads and is extending the lead. Sliding to west of straight line course, possibly tacking downhill to keep up light airs boat speed. Almost halfway across strait. First 5 still spread over 40 miles. Wild Oats (defender) still in 3rd, Leopard still holding her off.

Maxis in tight bunch starting to stretch their legs as they entered Bass Strait and breaking away from the following big bunch of yachts still coming down the coast from Eden, slowly catching the leading 5.

Wind is light but steady direction currently easy port reaching. Will change in a couple of hours to an almost downhill run for the leaders for the rest of tonight, increasing to around 20 knots. Then it should be a starboard reach up the Derwent to the finish.

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