Monday, December 14, 2009

A Large Dead Rat

The "haters and wreckers" rag is to be flown with status alongside the New Zealand flag annually on Grievance Day.

The ultimate dead rat National has swallowed confirms this once half-decent nation is rushing headlong into an apartheid state as it panders to the separatists.

I find this move utterly repulsive and offensive.


KG said...

"I find this move utterly repulsive and offensive."
You're sure as hell not alone in that PM. Key gave no hint during the election campaign that he intended to climb into bed with the separatist party. And if he had I very much doubt the Nats woud have won.
Which makes him devious and dishonest. Where is ACT in all this? Are people really so afraid of being labelled racists they're prepared to let National get away with this?

Oswald Bastable said...

Until now, I was never a great fan of flag-burning...