Tuesday, December 15, 2009

NZ: A deeply racist country

New Zealand is indeed a deeply racist country.

But the racism lies in a race-based political party, racially-selected Parliamentary seats and members, a special racial electoral roll, race based sports teams, schools and units within schools, television stations, government departments, trusts and financial assistance galore, legal recognition of racial privilege, treaty indoctrination on every conceivable occasion.

Universities now have special Maori graduations.

No public ceremony in our secular country is complete without Maori elders and karakia.

Every new appointee in the public service is welcomed with a powhiri.

None of this is diminishing.

It is growing.

We are not working towards becoming one nation.

We are walking in completely the opposite direction.

David Round explains why Don Brash and Phil Goff are right. As the Prime Minister buggers off to Nopenhagen, he leaves us with "To fly the flag of a movement dedicated to the dismantling of our country shows how foolish and blind we have become."

HT Crusader Rabbit


KG said...

Many thanks for the link PM.
Funny, isn't it, how those who insist one one rule for all, one set of laws for all, equality for all are the racists here?
A classic leftist inversion of reality.

Anonymous said...

I'm scared for our future and scared of what the radical John Key has in store for us. Where was all this in his pre-election manifesto? Democracy only in name.