Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Unintended consequences

As the northern hemisphere hunkers down post-Nohopenhagen in the face of the vicious onslaught of global warming initiated sub-zero blizzards, there have been unintended consequences. And blamed for a great many vehicle crashes.

The great Gaia has been so well pleased with power savings to be had from using LED devices for traffic lights, the lights are no longer visible in severe snowstorms as they ice over severely. It seems the previous incandescent lit devices had an inbuilt heating effect which also served to clear the lens so the signals might be seen when needed most.

The LED lights might burn brighter, last 10x longer and be very cost effective, but are useless to the point some are considering sending deicing crews to defrost the fittings. Most arrive to find the frosting problem has passed as the weather has changed. Or maybe install heaters to de-ice. Good one. Not!

Technology fail.


Pique Oil said...

I would love to see the tender document for the refurbishment contract.
It would have been full of references to "ensuring carbon neutrality" or some similar bullshit, Elfin Safetea policies, Cultural Diversity,Gender Neutrality etc. etc ad nauseum. The document would not have had an electrical engineer worthy of the title within a hundred miles of it and will now come under a strict and complete review process. Said review process will still have all the above extraneous garbage in it and will find that the lack of heat was outside the scope of the tender process and a further review of all tender processes must be held. Etc Etc

KG said...

You've been talking to my boss, haven't you Pique!

Pique Oil said...

Here in WA (wait awhile or West Australia) I met the full force of this insanity when I questioned the lady at Aussie Post over their refusal to accept cellphones as postal items.
Apparently they are a risk as the Lithium battery can explode in the planes cargo hold. Lack of pressure and all that. So I asked whether it was safe to carry them on ones person. Surely the slight risk of a depressurisation in the cabin would also cause an explosion of said Lithium battery.
Blank stares and surly attitude from behind the counter.
Policies made to fit the latest fad and without any intellectual grunt behind them are the hallmark of the brave new world we live in.
But I did scare the moron at Ozzie Post. Hopefully it will be asking questions of the airlines if it ever desires to fly somewhere. Hopefully it will be made to feel like the fool it is.

PM of NZ said...

PO, Nice pet moron you've got there, applying the rules verbatim. Obviously has not looked at the matter any closer or even Googled the topic.

For Lithium-Ion types:

'As of January 2008, the United States Department of Transportation issued a new rule that permits passengers on board commercial aircraft to carry lithium batteries in their checked baggage IF the batteries are installed in a device. Types of batteries affected by this rule are those containing lithium, including Li-ion, lithium polymer, and lithium cobalt oxide chemistries. Lithium-ion batteries containing more than 25 grams Equivalent Lithium Content (ELC) are exempt from the rule and are forbidden in air travel.[81]

The purpose of this restriction is that it greatly reduces the chances of the batteries becoming short-circuited and causing a fire. A limited number of replacement batteries can be carried in hand luggage providing they are kept in their original protective packaging or in individual containers or plastic bags.'

I see that the key element is that the battery must be installed in a device.

Maybe your pet moron needs a good dose of Lithium to lose the attitude and to match the vacant stare.

Pique Oil said...

PM, in this case I believe Lead would be a more effective method of "balancing" the attitude.