Monday, December 21, 2009

Poisoning the electorate

Kiwiblog readers also voted Tariana the Minor Party MP of the Year. I can recall the days when she was seen as electoral poison.

Nothing has changed on that score, in my view. Intent, recently wholly confirmed through Hone's inadvertent outburst.

Indeed, it is a damning indictment on other players in our governments that a party with such evil racist separatist intent can be at the top of the heap.

Clark lowered the political game of corruption to the sewer, Key is still there supping the Coolaid (cheers Murray) as he ponders divisive flags and the sun's effect on climate.

The time is still ripe for for a firmly right placed party to arise. There is a definite gaping vacancy, which both National and ACT have failed to occupy. Someone with real ethics such as Orewa I for a start.

The Greens are buggered through ClimateGate. Labour is buggered for another election cycle at least, they still do not what they are doing or where they want to head. Fearless Phil is not it, he will do till Helen returns ex UN to sort them out. Maybe not, she is likely to have Ban-Ki Moon's job by then.

ACT has already had a near but failed coup - it is only a matter of time before the whole lot implodes - no wonder Rodders has been so quiet of late. Rodders will be ditched and used as the Super City scapegoat should that attempt self-destruction during implementation. Nice one John Boy. ACT was always the right's hope to keep National to the right, but has totally lost their mojo.

Unfortunately that leaves Lazarus. He will be back, his pot is gently simmering, it is early days at present. Late next year, a shafted and spiteful electorate fully awake for 2011 would ram the message home to the fence sitting Liarbour-lite National that certain things are not to be toyed with.

A truly poisoned electorate. Should be really interesting, Lazarus vs the separatists.

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