Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Mr Plod is confirmed as government tool

So confirms Mr Key.
Prime Minister John Key says police should not prosecute Maori Party MP Hone Harawira for riding a motorcycle without a helmet

Just like the direction given to Mr Plod over s59 which explicity implies that parents who smack their brats in any way shape or form are criminals, but at Mr Key's direction, not to be prosecuted.

At least he confirms what we have known for a decade - that Mr Broad is a tool of the government and will take heed of any political directions.

You cannot have a bob each each way John Boy. Either the law is upheld or we get rid of defunct laws.


KG said...

Too bloody right PM!
It seems to have become accepted by people that the police should be politician's tools and enforcers and the danger of it entirely escapes them.

Lucy said...

Nothings changed then.From Helen to John and we didnt even see it coming.