Monday, December 21, 2009

Neville Key: $100 Billion not enough

The carbon munching plane obviously got back in one piece from Nohopenhagen and disgorged the socialist leader of our times, Neville Key. One who is desperate to sell out the sovereignity of this country in more ways than one.

$100 billion may not be enough but it is a good start

It's progress, but there is a lot more to be done if we are going to achieve the outcome that we need

I think 24 hours on I actually feel there is the makings of a deal there


Standby to be taxed out of existence, in the name of the false science of ClimateGate, by the New World Order.

Meanwhile, others want more.

Green MP Jeanette Fitzsimons, who was at the summit, called it a "disgrace and a tragedy for humanity"

Labour MP Charles Chauvel, who was also in Copenhagen, described the summit as "neither a resounding failure nor a major milestone on the road to curbing greenhouse gas emissions"

All are hysterical deluded fools.

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