Monday, December 28, 2009

Ending Christmas freebies affects thousands

drivers did without gift hampers

had received messages from drivers accusing the company of being "a bit Scrooge-like" and trying to claw back some of the pay rise they won last month after a six-month dispute

The unionised miffed at not getting a freebie Xmas hamper on top of their excessive pay rises from their fiscally stretched employer this year.
Thousands of Aucklanders missed out on free Christmas Day bus rides

passengers waiting at bus stops with no money

And would be Christmas Day free riders also have got their noses out of joint when they had to cough up for the bus services they used.
She denied there had been any lack of notice, saying posters had been put up in buses advising passengers of Christmas timetables and that normal fares would apply

Tough. User pays. About time the true costs of public transport were sheeted home. I often wonder how viable public transport would be with the full cost of dedicated bus lanes etc attached to a ticket.

The headline is correct. Such moves do affect thousands. I applaud the bus companies for taking the stand on the end of the free ride. Particularly the end of the unionised free ride. And no doubt thousands of affected ratepayers will applaud in a similar vein.

I await some union driven stiff putting a complaint into your local council about the unfairness of it all.

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