Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race - VIII

90NM to run.

Icap Leopard has fallen back slightly to 33 miles astern, slightly out to sea, but Wild Oats is still right on Alfa Romeo's backside at 13 miles astern.

Leaders are slowing, 50 miles to the turning point where they will be hard on the wind. And the wind is lightening and shifty the further south they go.

The next bunch has picked up 20 miles, but is still 85 miles from the race leader. The main group are midway into the strait, whilst some tail enders have yet to make Eden.

Some perspective of scale:

The race is like a race in New Zealand from Cape Reinga to Wellington via East Cape. Similar distance and the yachts would be currently spread up the east coast of the North Island from almost in Wellington up to Tauranga. That is some spread.

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