Thursday, December 03, 2009

Maori Party confirms position for all to see

As if anything else was ever going to happen.

Hone gets slapped with the proverbial wet bus ticket, delivers another forced lame apology, does not resile from the underlying intent of the original profane outburst and gets a taxpayer funded extended leave holiday with his mates in the sunshine.

At least the confirmation via the recent farce has firmly placed the Maori Party where most suspected it was - that of a racist separatist political party hell bent on independent sovereignty.

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WAKE UP said...

The real sadness here is that it's now clear that Hone is incapable of UNlearning the bullshit he imbibed at his mother's knee. That's Maoridom for you. He's doomed either way now, because just as we learned to see her coming, we now have his number too. Dead man walking. And every day that the Maori party remains in liaison with the Harawiras of this world will also be a measure of how unreconstructed they are as well. Who can possibly take them seriously now?