Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nohopenhagen: 2142 update

Sheeple everywhere awaiting a proclamation from Obambi. As if that will happen. It is getting late evening over there. I wonder what Neville Key will have for us as he steps off that carbon gobbling plane.

2014 I was sitting here, eating a chicken sandwich and thinking, 'I wonder what the Tories' position on all this is', when up pops the answer in my inbox - a statement from the Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Greg Clark.

"It is important that talks go on as long as is necessary," Mr Clark says. "An inadequate agreement, rushed out in order to meet some arbitrary finishing time, would be worse than no agreement at all."

A passionately-held opinion and valuable contribution to the debate from the man who could be in charge of UK climate policy at the next one of these jamborees. Hold the front page.

1935 First bit of excitement here for a few hours. A rumour swept through the media centre that Mr Obama was going to give a press conference and almost immediately hundreds of journalists rushed through the Bella Centre into the main auditorium used for such events. Some 400 reporters and TV crews packed into the room but after about ten minutes two harassed Danish officals managed to get into the room to explain that no Obama press conference had been scheduled. Dozens of journalists left the room. Most stayed, just in case.

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