Sunday, December 20, 2009

Climate block building in simple terms.

Hugh Barber wrote:

Should there be anyone out there who remains undecided as to the role of the atmospheric trace gas, C02 in 'Climate Change', consider this.

Imagine if you will, the Earths total atmosphere, represented by a pile of 10.000 standard UK house bricks.

Only 3 of those bricks are C02.

Should the content be increased by an apocalyptic 33% ( one brick ) then human contribution to that 'massive' increase would be a 6 to 14mm slice off the end of that one additional brick, the remainder being 'natural'.

It takes a huge amount of faith in 'the science' to believe that a 14mm slice of brick, in 10,001 bricks is going to make even the slightest difference, let alone the catastrophic predictions of the hysterical gang of donkeys, who seem to have accepted the flawed theory as a given truth.

The 'science' numbers just do not stack up. The number of donkeys, including our very own Shonkey, who have brought into the hysteria do.

Following the money trail is where we need to go now.

from The Times


Lucy said...

"hysterical gang of donkeys" Love it!!!!

Anonymous said...
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Pique Oil said...

Like you, I believe that following the money will reveal the true pushers of this scheme and all its cousins.
The fools that jump on the bandwagon are just that, misguided fools who are seeking the latest in religious rapture. Behind them are the true pushers and they are of no political persuasion or ideology. Money equals power and they want it all.