Saturday, December 26, 2009

Done and dusted

Another Christmas done and dusted. A beautiful relatively windless day was had here at 40S.

Yesterday's post was aimed at those who have to work to provide sometimes unseen and unheralded public services during the holidays, particularly those overseas in the Armed Forces. It provoked a number of well deserved responses, the list of people working on the home front growing ever longer.

Talking of responses, I see Cam has responded in the only fashion I expected of him.
The first blogger to be charged with breaching court-ordered suppression orders says he will defend his actions because the laws which protect people's identities need changing

Fine notions, so why does this feel like Custer's Last Stand? Nothing to lose, eh? I wonder what SB and the rugrats will have to say about that. Unfortunately, will be done and dusted on a fish and chip legal technicality, I feel.
In the past five years, suppression rulings had been frequently breached because people outside the mainstream media, who were either ignorant or flouting the laws, could publish information online which anyone could access quickly

Of more concern is this spin merchant who is obviously years behind the 8 ball. It clearly shows that the legal line of thought is that blogs are not mainstream media. WOBH would be a prime example to show up such flawed thinking.

And BB, I note that the DIA will be working hard to keep your name off future nomination lists. I did wonder however, is it possible to find out via an OIA, which mongrel nominated the GLNZ for an ONZ and what snivelling material was written to get the most corrupt New Zealander that I know of onto the list?

Enough abbreviated clues for now, unlike WOBH, no cryptic pix other than last night's Christmas Day sunset and the neighbours young stock just before dark, belly deep in summer grasses.

Have a nice Boxing Day.

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