Friday, December 25, 2009

The war never stops

Some cannot fathom that during holiday periods such as Christmas and New Year some industries never stop. Some drew the short straw (or were volunteered) for duty months ago and will be away from their loved ones today, tonight, tomorrow and over the next few days. Some will be on call for the whole holiday period, allowing others to take a break.

Spare a thought today for the doctors, nurses, police, people in service industries like hospitals, aged care, water and power supplies. Their jobs do not stop for holidays. Especially spare a thought for members of our Armed Forces who will be on duty here in New Zealand and particularly for those on active service at present overseas.

It is a tough job, someone has to do it. The war never stops. I know, I have been there, got the T-Shirt on more than one Christmas stint over the years.

A very Merry Christmas to all and here's hoping for a Happy New Year. All the best to those of you currently on duty, you thoroughly deserve your well earned break when you get to take it.



Oswald Bastable said...

Yep, a quick break for lunch and I'm back into it!

Pique Oil said...

Also the service stations and hotels/motels etc that allow others to go about the Christmas festivities. Been there and done that for many years.
We also need to be alert to those who would destroy us slipping things through at this time of year. Oil cos use this time to advertise applications for controversial projects, on the assumption that not many will be reading the dead tree press.
Merry Christmas to all.

PM of NZ said...

'those who would destroy us slipping things through at this time of year'

I daresay a few in the USA would feel that way about a certain socialist health care bill that was passed by the Senate on Christmas Eve.

PM of NZ said...


Your post raises something I did not mention in my original post.

Those private owners of service establishments such as motels and service stations etc that work through these holidays.

All without recompense at elevated pay rates - just another day for those owners. Sure their staff will put their hand out for time and a half with a day in lieu, but for the owners the show goes on.

Pique Oil said...

actually PM it is a lot more than that.
They get paid whether they work it or not like any public holiday. Then it is time and a half if they choose to workplus time in lieu plus whatever else that can be lumped on to the employer.
and forget about surcharges for public holidays. The commerce commission would probably call it anti competitive (unless the big boyz did it, in which case it would be ok) and nail the small guy to the wall


I do hope the BP staff on the Southern Motorway were paid well today.
They were very busy.

It was interesting to see all the Asians in McDonalds, Greenlane.

It's like they had it all to themsleves and chose to make the most of it.

ZenTiger said...

Yes, a hearty thank you to all those that work today, it is something I think about every Christmas, with the utmost of appreciation.

And Merry Christmas to you PM and your family and readers.

pdm said...

Don't forget the unpaid volunteers.
A few years ago at our house Christmas Dinner was being served up at the table when the Waipawa Fire Siren went. My brother in law as local Fire Chief was off and not seen until about 7pm that night due to a large grass fire which took about 5 hours to get under control.