Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Townie gets knickers in a twist over 'The Undertakers'

We saw a truck parked on the grass verge which had The Undertakers written on it and a beast that was on hooks with its guts hanging out and the head was on the grass

It was revolting and Jessica got really upset about it

A townie gets her knickers in a twist over the local homekill operator dealing to a lifestylers' cattle beast at the side of the the road. the truck was aptly named 'The Undertakers'.
The road had blood all over it and my boots got blood on them

Quelle horreur! All the gory bits on show. There's a saying - Where's there is livestock, there is also deadstock.

Get over yourself lady and stop giving townies a bad name. Just how do you think those nice big juicy steaks get from the paddock to your BBQ on those nice gladwrapped polystyrene trays?

The first complaint about the homekill in 14 years. This is the long running saga of life and death in the country.

If you can't stand the country noises, smells and sights, take yourself and your now vegan daughter and bugger off back to town.