Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race - VI

220 NM to run.

South of Flinders Island, almost abreast of NE cape of Tasmania.

Very slow overnight. Kiwi Alfa Romeo at 16 knots still has 20 miles on Leopard and Wild Oats, doing 14 knots. Next bunch of 5 boats is 40 miles plus further back doing 5knots.

Wind extremely light against coast close toward Cape Tasman turning point for Hobart. Racetrack today is full of wind holes. Alfa Romeo could easily lose this race, but it would be nice to beat the Aussies.


pdm said...

You must be a rare breed in Dannevirke - a yachting fan or dare I say fanatic - posting reports at 5.17am.

PM of NZ said...

pdm, Right on both counts. Used to regularly crew on big yachts. Doing the grass polishing lifestyler bit at present away from the sea, polluting the planet with cow turds and excess nitrogen.

Early starts - one of the problems being an insomniac who sometimes writes a bit of code. Great time of day for coding during the quiet time.

Gotta do something to keep occupied whilst the better half gets her beauty sleep. God knows, these days she seems to need a lot of that...

pdm said...

I had the pleasure of spending almost 3 weeks managing a group of Lawn Bowlers in Australia a couple of years ago. One of the people on the trip had a first and a third in the Sydney/Hobart race - bowman for Sir Tom? Clark(e) in the 80's I think.

Actually it amy have been earlier than the 80's because the guy is in his late 70's now I think.

PM of NZ said...

Would have been on Tom Clark's 'The Drainpipe' Buccaneer which won 1970. It was the largest racing yacht in the world in its day. No creature comforts, a pure stripped out racing shell that used to visibly twist longitudinally in a seaway. Used to see it racing often on the Waitemata Harbour in Division One with a scratch handicap.

Obituary here

Hobart winners here

KG said...

Hmm..I thought Windward Passage was a few feet longer PM?

PM of NZ said...

KG, WP may have been longer. The claim was that Buccaneer was the largest plywood boat in the world. (See obituary further up) WP was made on the beach using cold moulded timber construction. Possibly mere technicalities and hair splitting.

PM of NZ said...

kg, Some more on WP.

KG said...

Thanks for the link PM.
I sailed a Capetown to Rio race on Cornelius Bruynzeel's "Voortrekker" and built several big John Spencer plywood yachts, so this holds particular interest for me.