Monday, December 21, 2009

What else did you expect?

Nearly 8000 babies yet to reach their first birthdays are in daycare as parents rush back to work

Parents are breeding irresponsibly like rabbits, taking advantage of the handouts of my tax dollars of childcare subsidies and Welfare For Families, instead of staying at home looking after their offspring.
Children's Commissioner John Angus says the figures indicate a rapid change in the care of babies. He is halfway through an inquiry into the care of under-twos.

Why bother wasting your time and my taxes on the bloody obvious?
Dr Angus said that, though parents thought hard about the care of their children and most centres were doing their best by them, there had been little thought about government policies on the issue

Academic opinion is divided on the effect of childcare on babies

Therein lies the issue. Academic opinion. Something that all would be better off without. The last thing that is needed is more government interventions on the topic. Save us all some money and ditch your Children's Commission.
The number of under-ones in the care of strangers – 7972 – has been revealed in official figures made public. It represents a 21.2 per cent increase on four years ago.

What else did you expect?


KG said...

The destruction of the traditional family is well under way....
And aren't the results wonderful?

Anonymous said...

At least they may pay for our retirement? Yeah, right. This country is going over the edge, madness this way lies.