Tuesday, December 01, 2009

'Too radical'

What you going to do now, Mr English?

Don's measures may seem a little brash, excuse the the pun, but that is exactly how my household would be run. And more than a few others should be run. Cut the crap purchases, basics only, no handouts. Don't like it? Go live somewhere else that gives a toss.

Love the ACT response - a "good start". I look forward to seeing phase two and beyond.

Unfortunately, we always knew that your NACTional government will not man up to do what is needed to excise the leeches from my wallet.


KG said...

Of course it's "too radical"--anything that would benefit New Zealand but damage National's popularity will be described that way.
The hard truth is that only radical surgery will fix what ails us but party politics comes first.

Anonymous said...

National won't be in power forever, KG. It's only been a year, the polls will change, although the health of NZ won't.