Tuesday, October 28, 2008

5/8ths of...

I half-pie watched the minnows last night fighting over breadcrumbs. What a waste of time. Rodders was surprising in changing his stance on race based Maori seats. I think that flip-flop will cost him votes.

Tariana seemed to get her message of evasive rhetoric across, if only for 'our people'. Must be hard when she is so aligned to a racially based division which ultimately wants separatism paid for by non-native New Zealanders and will do anything to get there. All options are possible, including sleeping with enemy. Either side is the enemy.

A sticking point with them is entrenching of their race based seats. Also lurking is the foreshore and seabed issue which they want to keep ordinary Kiwis out of. These two should be non-negotiable points for the major parties. As has been said before, better to have them inside the tent, to stop their rabid fringe elements going feral in terrorist activism.

The tree huggers were as is the norm off the planet on bicycle path to nowhere, although Jeanette was very clear what she wanted. Not for me, far too left is the rabid greenie communist party.

Also not surprised by 75% (12,500) of Kiwis saying they had enough of the tail wagging the dog. MMP is toast, but Winston was prepared to take funding to fight for MMP.

Speaking of Winnie, was sober and very subdued. Is he ill?

Jimbo was as ever the Labour stooge with his 380,000 shifted from the UB.

Flip-flopper Dunne looked after himself and Sainsbury did a better job this time.

All in all a quiet affair, no real commital to anything, arguing over 5/8ths.

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