Saturday, October 18, 2008

One laaarge bucket of KFC, please

"Will that be with fries, Sir?"
Wait until the South Auckland vote comes in

As support for Liarbour in the 3M's tanks, Irish Bill will be looking for a proven short circuit to reel in the votes.

Winston First has solid support in seniors. TPF won't get anywhere, maybe a few votes. "What's OK in the islands is not OK here"

God bothering and family values parties have a big hold in the 3M's. Apparently the disenfranchised also would likely support unions. Good targets for Liarbour.

Law and order is the top issue in the 3M's. Who would have guessed?
He recalls knocking on the door of an old lady who offered him some flowers from her back garden. "She unlocked the back door to let herself out, locked the door behind her while she cut the flowers, then repeated the process to let herself back in. It's shameful.

And National is tapping into that insecurity. The good times are over.
These communities have benefited from nine years of economic buoyancy. People remain optimistic.

Unemployment has plunged; the youth gangs that used to hang around the malls and shopping strips by day were nowhere to be seen in my visits.

By night, as frightened dairy and liquor store owners will attest, it can be a different story.

But they are up against a solid Liarbour core.
They're up against history. Older Samoan voters, in particular, sound as one: "Labour has always looked after Pacific people."

Yes, times are ripe for change, but I wonder just how big will the KFC order be this time?

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