Saturday, October 25, 2008

God don't like ugly

Nor do Kiwi voters.

Yesterday we witnessed the most venal political play ever in this country.

Winston announcing that he donated taxpayers monies to a trust for a victim of crime. The victim, Mrs Susan Couch apparently has not received the money. The trust holding the money has a blood brother of Winston's as a trustee.

It is being suggested that this money will never reach Susan, it will be used to pay Winstons lawyer mates running the trust. As others do, I wonder if Susan was even aware of the money. This whole saga is nothing but a corrupt play to line Winstons pockets of that of his mates.

Not only Winston is content to usurp legal processes over the $158K stolen from the taxpayer for maximum publicity, he horre
ndously further abuses an already seriously damaged victim.

A victim which most in this country feel extreme sympathy for without having a political scumbag of his ilk milking that sympathy for all that it is worth.
God don't like ugly and Winston, this has to be the ugliest side of NZ politics I never want to see again.

Winston, or any politician that would support his party, be warned. This round is for keeps.


The trust used for the above is
only linked to Susan Couch in name only.
Nowhere does it mention that she might benefit. The objects of the trust are clear enough that victims of crime might be supported. After expenses maybe.

And also that the board (read trustees) can be be variously paid. What a bloody rort. Trust Winston to utilise Susan's good name so they can milk the $158K to keep their mates in business whilst never assisting one crime victim.

This election is all about trust.


Damocles said...

A minor correction -- the Trust will assist (just) one "Crime Victim". The disHon Winston Peters.

showmethetaxcut said...


It is a charitable trust. It cannot have beneficiaries. Only charitable objects or purposes like religion, education or community services. So there is no prospect of Susan Couch benefitting financially.

However the trustees (eg Brian Henry) can be paid funds for their time or services to the trust (eg representing Susan Couch).

Funny that.

As a lawyer, I am disgusted.