Monday, October 27, 2008

"Nasty, twisted and bitter"

In a coup for bloggers this weekend, the media has taken notice of the fact that Winston Firsts' 'transparent' trust 'for victiims of crime' in Susan Couch's name is a venal sham.
has staunchly defended the trust and labelled questions about its transparency "nasty, twisted and bitter"

The only thing transparent is Winnie. We can see right through your motives. Of course we expect nothing less from a feral Winnie when cornered. Now not glowing in the limelight.
Ms Couch is not listed as a beneficiary or a patron, and the only mention of her is in the title of the trust. The three trustees have full control over where the money goes.

As bloggers have highlighted and most expect nothing less of Winston, these trustee mates will be the only recipients of the proceeds of crime.
There's no conflict of interest at all, when somebody who's taken the matter all the way to the highest court in the land and has won...

Won? No conflict of Interest? Spare me the rhetoric Winston. There is one higher court, that of public opinion, which will bring down its verdict late on the 8th November. Closely followed by a life sentence.

Well done Roarprawn, Homepaddock and others. And SMTC, while I do enjoy the extra traffic generated from your commentary, you really do need to get your own blog so you can fully unleash your verbal best for all to see. Stop hiding your light.

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