Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Consulgate Timeline

Poor Owen Glenn has been stitched up here.

The scenario goes like this:

OG wants the Monaco job, gives $500k to Labour.

Labour gets back into power in 2005 and they say - well matey we’ve just had to give Winston the MOFA role, so it’s going to cost you another $100k to get the consul position.

H1 tells MW to organise it, seeing as how he is the money machine.

MW puts OG in touch with WP and BH.

OG pays over $100k to Winston and thinks the consulship is in the bag.

Winnie lobbies the officials who say there’s no reason to appoint him (under instructions from H1).

The MOFA advise that their advice is not to appoint a consul.

WP rings OG and says - sorry matey, it’s not a goer.

OG realises he’s been stitched up and starts releasing documents to the media.

H1 calls him aside at the opening of the OG building and OG tells her she ain’t seen nothing yet.

Documents start being leaked to the msm who fumble the ball because H1 tells them there’s no story, nothing to see here.

MSM realise (six months later) that H1 has been conning them, begin to spill.

The whole affair becomes big news - about a year after it should, but right before the election.

Nov 9th - OG rings H1 to tell her that she shouldn’t have fucked with the big boys.

2009 - National reveals an anonymous donation of $1m from a newly formed trust.

from NeilR comment over at KB

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