Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stark choices

So the choices on 8 November are rather stark.

On the one hand we can have a more economically literate government than the present one, a ministry containing both experienced people and new faces, which can get to grips with the country’s slow growth, rising inflation and galloping indebtedness.

On the other hand we can have a five-party monster made up mostly of extremists with so many weird agendas that you can kiss goodbye to New Zealand’s reputation as a reliable place for investment.

Should this emergency present itself after 8 November it’s a fair guess that there will be an immediate flight of capital off shore, and that the New Zealand dollar would drop even faster than it has done of late.

Political correctness will become the order of the day as a collection of mini-Stalinists set about imposing their oppressive agendas, inside your bedrooms, bathrooms and garages.

Walking and cycling will become a new religion. Helen Clark was right when she kept the Greens at bay in 2002 and 2005. This time she’d have no option but to become their doormat.

from Dr Michael Bassett

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