Friday, October 03, 2008

"They should be working too"

"They are paying all our tax on the beneficiaries. They should be working too," she says. She's switching to National.
An annoyed worker in South Auckland, that critical Liarbour demographic.

Now if only the demographic could see further than their next KFC freebie. That not only Liarbour is not doing anything about ending the free riding dole-bludgers, but the unions who 'support' Liarbour with their dues are also directly ripping workers off.
"They are bringing in that many immigrants, yet they've got plenty of people on the dole. They are being handed the dole, they are not doing anything to earn it. Get them out at 4am and go and milk cows - there's plenty of work out there."

The more that see the light, the better.
The intense heat of the 2003-05 period, during which 20,000 Maori marched on Parliament to protest at the nationalisation of the foreshore, has cooled

Gone are the days of stirring activists looking for an eternal handout, there is no pot of gold there. Workers are now seeing that to get anywhere, you need to work hard and long.
But I want a left government, not a right government. I think the Maori Party will keep Labour honest

Unfortunately there are some that cannot see past the next handout and will never change.

Stopping corrupt governments and unions fleecing your hard won dollars for more than a few is a good place to start.

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