Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Liarbour caves into Maori Party demands

On Sunrise today her indoors has given in to Maori Party demands for entrenchment of the race based seats which screw the MMP scrum. Something which she had avoided answering like the plague up to yesterday.
she said she could see no problem with Labour supporting the entrenchment of the Maori seats

Nothing like protecting your patch and vote buying. Cannot trust a politician, much less a Liarbour politician.

That's that problem solved, the Maori Party has just had the message loud and clear from Liarbour - vote for us and you will not need to sell your soul horse trading with the Devil on the right.

Not that I don't expect to see on tonight's 1800 news that John Boy will have been cornered and flip-flopped, guaranteeing 100% overhangs for perpetuity.

Yes, this election is all about trust. You cannot trust Liarbour.

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