Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vindictive screeching fishwife slags off John Boy

67 - 33 says it all.

From JK,

"New Zealanders will judge the result of the debate."

Last night asked about his inexperience Mr Key said he just did his best.

"But I gave it my best shot and they (the public) will have a good sense of where a National government would take New Zealand."

Rightly so - i just hope it is a landslide.

And nobody likes a sore loser, but she has to get the last word in.


Inventory2 said...

Yep, you can trust Clark to be bitter and twisted! Sheesh, imagine what she will be like on election night!!

adamsmith1922 said...

Absolutely as I note here, this may be the tipping point if you will permit the link PM


showmethetaxcut said...

Adam's commentary is excellent.