Monday, October 06, 2008

Defending the indefensible

While Mr Pizzini is probably correct, the outrage over Varinder Singh being arrested is symptomatic of a deeper issue.

Whilst I suspect Varinder's reaction may have been OTT, the general feeling is that it was well justified, earning the unspoken praise of communities country wide. Hence the outrage when he was arrested. He had the scrotes in his hand, they were dealt to there and then. In self defence? Unfortunately I suspect not and he will pay dearly for that.

Mr Pizzini, whilst saying what we know should occur is wearing the flak of all communities that have had enough. Enough of violent drug fuelled crime. Zero tolerance for crime is the only way to go. Enough of a government that has done nothing but politicise the force and still spins that crime is reduced.

People have stopped reporting crime. Nothing gets done. There is no reaction from Mr Plod, might as well call 0800 Taxi. Well communities have had a gutsful and Friday's efforts are the reaction. Until Mr Plod is fully staffed and funded to do the job, such reactions will continue.

Note to the next government: Do something immediate about the crime - ZERO tolerance. A good starting place for immediate effect would be fining the 200 thousand plus that think they can flout electoral laws. Followed by jailing the current corrupt government.

And why don't they refer to the policeman by his rank as a Det Sen Sgt? A Mr is a nobody, a Det Sen Sgt is someone that should garner some respect.

And I think, probably like most, Varinder should get a medal.

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