Friday, October 10, 2008

Another 3 years of Liarbour in my face coming right up!

As we watch John Boy sleepwalking to an election loss, I guess it time to start looking at how to import myself into Oz and be checking my passport.

Crap numbers here.


adamsmith1922 said...

They say that countries get the politicians and governments they deserve.

This is what comes of failure to accept reality

Anonymous said...

Don't panic - from that commentary attached to the survey results, it's clear Garry Morgan is fucking Helen Clark (oh shit, I've just made myself puke...)

Anonymous said...

RM polls have been out of step with other polls for some time. Methodology must be different.

It is the overall tend that matters.


Anonymous said...

By the way, who is Garry Morgan.

I thought it was Roy who was the pollster.


Anonymous said...

I agree, this poll not to worry about, I don't believe in tooth fairies either.

Anonymous said...

Normal coverage is resumed. TVNZ Colmar Brunton poll albeit with some rubbish commentary from Guyon Espinor.


PM of NZ said...

smtc, the question now is 'which one is rogue?'. Only the main one on the 8th will confirm the answer.

And who is Gary? He's the Exec Chairman of Roy Morgan. Roy founded the company in '41.