Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Deluded bureaucrat a Liarbour stooge

What is the matter with bureaucrats this last week? Must be a full moon.

A bureaucrat at the EC emporium is defending their agency's decision to allow a Liarbour missive to the oldies about the many goodies created by a Liarbour led government for our seniors.
Labour is exploiting a loophole by sending out taxpayer-funded material adorned with its MPs' smiling faces that doesn't have to be declared as election spending

Rightly so, Nats are crying foul.

This is the same emporium that has not been able to make any decision against Liabour for the full duration of that so chilling legislation that is the EFA.
"It's not a loophole. MPs don't stop serving their constituents during the election period. All MPs provide their constituents with information, such as what they are entitled to, from the day they are elected through to the day of the next election. This has always been the case."

What absolute bollocks. That reasoning does not stack up. I feel sure that any sane voter knows the only reason a MP writes to you is to buy your vote.
it does not contain words or graphics that could be reasonably regarded as encouraging or persuading voters to vote, or not to vote, for a candidate"

Anything sent from an MP, at any part of the electoral cycle is electioneering material, period. Even worse is something with his mugshot on it. Blatant electioneering. To get re-elected is the only reason they get out bed each day.

I can only hope the Liarbour Electoral Commission is routed post election along with the deluded stooges at that agency.

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