Friday, October 10, 2008

A380 Cattle Taxi flies into JafaLand

Now I know why the A380 Cattle Carrier was paraded around JafaLand skies today.

They must have had the inside track from Roy Morgan on the latest poll. And The Flying Roo can see a massive business opportunity from the other side of the ditch come Nov 9th.

Dust off your passport, get online and book before Helengrad shuts the gate.

In true Aussie strine;
We’ve bought you a beer
And we’ve had the camels shampooed
We’ve saved you a spot on the beach
And we’ve got the sharks out of the pool
We’ve got the roos off the green
And Bill’s on his way down to open the front gate
Your taxi’s waiting
And dinner’s about to be served
We turned on the lights
And we’ve been rehearsing for over 40,000 years

So where the bloody hell are you?

Qantas is ready and waiting.


Obviously the A380 does not come with the Oxford Concise Dictionary - Note to reporter: - look up wind 'sheer' sometime

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