Monday, October 06, 2008

A mere distraction

The imminent price rise by 'the most rapacious' power company is a mere distraction today.
A month before it announced the 10 per cent price rise, Contact posted a $237 million annual profit and said it was going to nearly double directors' fees to $200,000 each.

Cabinet has suddenly got interested for why? Slow to do anything about it a month ago, maybe some votes in it.
Helen Clark said it was a serious matter.

Now for something much more pressing.
Finance Minister Michael Cullen has previously warned the pre-election update will paint a bleak picture and show a significantly worse position than was forecast in his May budget.

The real feature, the parlous state of finances at the opening of the books. No votes to be had there.
"If we'd been blowing the bank as National advocates, chucking tons of money away in tax cuts year after year, we'd be in an extremely difficult position now."

Reminded yet again this is an election based on trust. And we cannot trust a rich prick merchant banker to look after the purse in the manner in which Liarbour voters are accustomed. Future ecomonics do indeed look bleak. For some.
"That brings the economy very much centre stage, because the issue is who has got the experience and judgment to lead this."

Very bleak, particularly after having been savaged by a most rapacious government. I know who I will trust and be voting for to lead the country through these tough times.

It will not be Liarbour.

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