Friday, October 24, 2008

Winston First names charity

Just when he will be bouyed by a small lift in the polls, Winston seems to think he is free of electoral charges. TVNZ seems to think so too.

And in a nice gesture, Winston has donated $78K to a charity - Mrs Susan Couch the survivor of the RSA murders. An incestuous move by Winston's mate who doesn't charge for services rendered, for he is one of the trustees of the fighting fund for Susan.

So Winston, where is the $158K you owe the taxpayer?


showmethetaxcut said...

You beat me to it - who is the barrister who received the donation? None other than the blood brother.

But I bet the MSM don't take any issue with that.

showmethetaxcut said...

I cannot believe the MSM isn't crucifying Winston over this.

Using that poor woman for political purposes.

PM of NZ said...

A similar thought crossed my mind when I read the article. That Winston and the MSM would climb into the first person that suggested that she was not a worthy recipient.

I hadn't thought of it from your angle, that it was purely a political ploy.

Forgot we are dealing with sewer slime.

showmethetaxcut said...


Go read Homepaddock's thread on this and you will see how slow some people are to understand the implications of this scandal.

What I want to know is whether the MSM are as thick as the average punter in relation to this matter. Will they ignore it or fail to pick up on it?

showmethetaxcut said...

I have also posted the comments I made on Winnie's blog at Busted Blond's Raw Pawn blog because I do not expect them to survive moderation - although I do expect Winnie to threaten to sue me!

showmethetaxcut said...

My comments at Winston's blog have been deleted and there is just some nice supportive comment about the donation from some ignorant young thing.