Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Consulgate worries for PM

The Prime Minister was so concerned about Winston Peters' lobbying for Owen Glenn to become honorary consul to Monaco

Like I believe that. She (and Winston First) still expects us to believe that after receiving $500K ($100K) in 2005, this was not the final instalment of the 'you scratch my back'. The only thing Miss Teflon Clark was and is worried about is retaining tight control to get re-elected.

I firmly believe this is a cash for consulship scandal and nothing will sway me. As for the lying Winston I can only hope this crook is Parliamentary history. I could never expect the current government to actually have some integrity, not only to ditch him, but to fully prosecute him as they are donkey-deep in this scandal.

But then, this election is all about trust, not integrity.

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