Sunday, October 12, 2008

Following the money

Fresh on the money trail from Liarbour's Duynhoven soon to be compulsory third party insurance, her indoors has offered more money to the insurance industry.

As she clutches at straws, ever looking for a way to remain in control, her indoors has offered the insurance industry more business without mandate. Banks are to have an opt-in scheme (read mandatory) which will cost heaps. And guess who will pay more in bank fees to cover this compulsory insurance rort?

Yes, this money trail is worth investigating further. Any takers?

And where will the government get the readies to pay out any amount in this very tight market? It has already been spent on election bribes, we know the kitty is bare. Oh right, a tax by any other name. The value of such a guarantee would be just like leaky home guarantees.

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