Friday, October 24, 2008

DWTS not as we know it

Winston First continues his merry dance on a pinhead, this time with the Party Secretary. Certainly not Dancing With The Stars as we know it, but Dancing With The Secretary on a very small pinhead. Sheer entertainment.
In an ironic twist the Electoral Commission has found New Zealand First's party secretary did not break the law over incorrect returns last year

Today he says that the Sec did indeed know about the $80K donation as she went to the EC and questioned them about it. Old news, she was told to get legal advice on whether to declare. That advice was that a declaration was not required. So the EC has cleared her specifically in respect of the 2007 return. (Press release from EC here)

The EC has not cleared Winston or the Winston First Party. Some media spin says they are cleared. Bollocks, it is a very specific ruling whilst the ongoing investigations continue.

Continue your merry dance Winston, but beware, this is a knockout round.

And where is the $158K?

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