Friday, October 24, 2008

Pacific Queens at each others throats

There was nothing worse for Fiji than her. "I might be able to help by pleading to the Indo-Fijians in New Zealand not to vote for her and Phil Goff."

One Pacific Queen interfering in the re-election of another Pacific Queen.

I wonder how that other Pacific Queen, Georgina, is getting on Oztralia?


bustedblonde said...

i thought the headline was about Cactus and me battlinh for blog supremacy....

PM of NZ said...

Yes bb, just like politicians chasing votes with vacuous policy, bugger the content, I am just after getting the hits.

PM of NZ said...

And BB it is very nice to see both yourself and CK do so well in the single author blog stakes.

Females no less.

Both of you put many a mere male like myself to shame with your top rankings.