Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Axis of Evil still has dry powder?

The constant references by various people of late to an upcoming 'neutron bomb' next week that will do away with National period is cause for some concern. Tumeke lives in hope. Even Winston voiced it more than once on the minnows debate earlier this week.
This is tired and is nothing compared to what is about to be released regarding National. If I were John Key, I’d be a lot more worried about what is about to drop than papers showing Winston pushed to see if Owen was acceptable for Monaco, my guess is that no one will be talking about Winston and Owen next week

One wonders what 'scandal' will be dredged from their sewer of dirty tricks. I suspect that voters will put anything dished at this late stage as 'losers vitriol' of a desperate dying cabal, confirming their negative campaign waged on trust has seriously backfired.

Helen can try to manipulate the puppets to inflict a fatal blow, but I believe whilst some may read changed votes into such a bomb, the ploy will backfire with the electorate seriously hardening against Helen's Axis of Evil.

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