Friday, October 10, 2008

Mr Blobby off to the moon

Britain should start to send astronauts into space, the new Science Minister said today, giving the strongest sign yet that the Government will soon drop its long-standing opposition to manned spaceflight.
In an attempt to engender more interest in the sciences a nutter minister has suggested that the UK put a man in space.
... a large pink humanoid, covered with yellow spots, sporting a permanent toothy grin and jiggling eyes...

The immediate thought is that Mr Broon would be the ideal first crew candidate many might like to launch into space.
Add to the nose cone Darling and several heads of banking starting with the Chairman and CEO of Royal Bank of Scotland.
Closely followed by those named above, as one wit suggests.

I wonder if the science minister has been out of the lab lately and talked to his economic mates about his Mr Blobby in the sky scheme? Perhaps they might have told him there is a Depression occuring somewhere round here.

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