Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rates reform too hard for Liarbour

A lot of this flogged from Hugh Stringleman's article P5 The NZ Farmer's Weekly Oct 13th 2008 (not online).

I think it was Rodders who was threatening all sorts if the rates inquiry didn't happen. Well it did happen, just nothing has happened since.

As expected back in July, Liarbour has totally ignored the extremely expensive rates reform inquiry findings. A lot of hope was raised when the inquiry was held, now it has been kicked into touch.

Local Govt Minister Nanaia Mahuta is unlikely to do anything this side of the election. I didn't expect any other result, the bureaucracy rolls on. Like the soon to be created Ministry of Short Showers, councils infiltrate our lives daily.

There were 96 recommendations, but the inquiry and officials teams have long disbanded. Further progress is awaiting a cabinet decision. I guess the recommendations will still be there for the next inquiry.

Remember the $10K club? Where Fed Farmers said there was more than a few cockies paying hideous rates to have the grader come down the road once year if they were lucky. They actually uncovered a sheep shagger that was paying $89K pa on his station, 20x to 30x the going rate in town near Gisborne. Apparently more than net farm income.

Just like Liarbour, if it doesn't move or complain, tax the hell out of it.

The inquiry process was a serious piece of work which hadn't been done for 20 years and it is a shame to see its findings languish.


The Minister would have no hope of saying what proportion of total local government rates nationally is paid by agriculture.

I await the next inquiry to placate the politicians. Meanwhile we keep paying.

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