Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Brazen Hussies

While I could never consider any of the politburo to fit my image of a hussy, some certainly act as if they fitted the description.
Labour openly admits a taxpayer funded leaflet was election material shows the party is becoming "brazen" about using the public purse to get itself re-elected.

the Prime Minister refused to directly answer whether she believed the leaflet was an election advertisement, the costs for which must be included in the party's election spending cap.

The Prime Minister had responded instead with a general comment that all election advertising would be included in its return.

Impudent, immoral behaviour is a hallmark of Liarbour. The party considers they are above the law, continually breaking their own EFA. Morals are non-existent, the party will do whatever is required to get re-elected, by mostly underhanded means.

From Ms 'the law of commonsense' King,
She was certain Labour would do what was required by law and stood by its "record of repaying money to the Parliamentary Service".

Oh, so it is allright to continue to fraudulently steal taxpayers monies and pay it back if you get caught? Just because you established a track record of doing this doesn't make it any more legitimate.

Thieving brazen hussies.

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