Saturday, August 02, 2008

Dingoes to win? AB's to lose?

It doesn't matter what happens tonight or who wins as two sport mad nations face off over the national game for a piece of battered silverware on the hallowed turf.

Turf that will be used for the last time tonight and then be remodelled at extreme expense to ratepayers for one game in a few years time.

But hush my mouth. There will be a real winner tomorrow, irrespective of any perceived outcome tonight.
Mr Key will deliver his main speech to the conference tomorrow morning.

It is expected to focus on economic matters.

Timing could not be more impeccable. The effect on the national psyche will be massive.

Yes, John Boy will bribe us with the detail of fast tracked tax cuts, ostensibly under the guise of borrowing for infrastructure and we will feel good.

If those underhanded dingoes who stole our Robbie win yet again, John's message will soothe our hurt pride. If our beloved team wins, the Sunday offerings yet to come will seem like cream.

Anyone who would dare to naysay will be cut down in the clamour of the withering policy storm. As mentioned on other blogs, the game has now gone up more than a notch, the other side is now on the back foot and fighting a rearguard action.

And of course, as I crack open a Tui, the AB's will win.

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