Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The postie has been

Great stuff, rural mail. Always turns up at the same time every day. Friendly operator.

Anyway, there must be an election somewhere in the near future. Rodney's dance card has turned up with the junk mail. First of the electoral crap that will no doubt flood into the letterbox.

He wants me to party vote for Mr Jekyll and Mr Hide. Even offers a 'the juiciest election bribe ever'. Him and the ancient has-been reckon their party could be kingmakers.

Kingmakers are the worst arrangement in politics, based on horse trading at the basest level. You scratch mine, I'll scratch yours, stuff the voters. We have been paying dearly since MMP was introduced for the results of such horse trading by political shysters.

Thank God Winston is doing his level best to leave the trough this time around.

Yes Rodney and Roger, I have 'the guts to do what is right'.

It is time to light the fire. Now, where is the rest of that junk mail?

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