Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vodafone at its normal best

All day I have been trying to reliably connect on my Vodaphone VMC wireless card. Have connected a couple of times, but drops off within minutes. Connectivity has markedly deteriorated recently and is not getting better. Restarting and removing card does not help. Get many dialogs earlier in day of 'Sim not ready'.

Am trying out the landline help service again. I do not hold any hope of progress there. Contact us last time was 'join the queue of valued customers'. But then I could be pleasantly surprised - I called Xtra Help today for a customer and actually spoke to a live human being after the usual foreplay with a computer within 15 secs. Amazing.

Bloody nightmare to find out the network status on the Vf website. Too many pictures on pages - takes ages to download on dialup. Had to do repeated searches for status to find out 'Congrats, it is all OK'. Insert Tui ad. Expected nothing less.

Have posted this on landline dialup, blogging will be light until further notice.

I have been pleasantly surprised. All of NZ must be getting their much-missed dose of the Street and are not calling their favourite help desk. Humans actually work at Vodaphone once you get through the computer foreplay of a minute or so.

Seems that the SIM card loses its registration on their network and a quick transfer from the VMC card to the mobile, attempt a voice-call on the mobile using the VMC SIM re-registers card on the network.

Joy - the VMC card now sees the VF network and connects. Roll on the end of the month - another Gigabyte of blogging uploads for your pleasure!

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