Monday, August 11, 2008

Work for dole

Predictably, the usual suspects have jumped on their soapbox saying that making beneficiaries work for the dole is bad.

Sue from Tree Huggers Inc is typical of the responses.

* The financial benefits of being pushed into part time employment were limited, with part time workers on lower average rates of pay than those in full time jobs, as well as facing the additional costs of going out to work.

* Sole parents found it hard to access childcare that was accessible, affordable and high quality. They often had to take on night work.

* MSD had concerns about possible negative effects on children, including children under 14 being left home alone while their parent is out at work

"I would like to know why National doesn't understand that looking after children on your own - especially if there are a number of them, and/or if one's children suffer from sickness or impairment - isn't actually a more than full time job in itself.

Nothing about that having to front to paid employment for the entitlement might instill a work ethic.

Nothing that might stop further breeding if a gravy train was not available.

Nothing to stop them producing another generation of beneficiaries.

Nothing about working toward stopping the benefit any time soon.

The non-benefit populace seems to make rational lifestyle decisions, not even factoring in WINZ financial support and they survive in the real world. Sure at times their kids may be latch-key kids, but so what? Parents soon learn what works for them.

Maybe some solos would not take the divorce step if it were not so easy to get a benefit. Sure some may be in abusive relationships and that is where the benefit safety net should be used, with strict long term entitlement criteria. As for the breeding Jane Doe dole bludger, their total time on the dole should preclude any long term benefit.

Unfortunately the arbitary limit of six years old coupled with a 25% increase in abatement levels will only serve to build a whole new generation every 6 years.

At least the Nats are facing the issue, once this soft work for the dole is law and the sky doesn't fall in, they can move to more rigourous criteria. Training is not a viable option to gain the entitlement, this engenders professional students. Make work schemes are just as bad. We already have those such as PD for those who actually turn up.

The sooner all benefits incur a work for the dole component, the better in my book. If a beneficiary can spend the money, they can work.

Not PC is of a similar view, asking why bother with the proposed offering?

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