Monday, August 04, 2008

A cynical battle

now obvious that New Zealand First has no intention of publicly accounting for its secret funding

will confirm that our parties habitually put their own interests ahead of principle

history that is riddled with influence-buying and secret understandings

a vintage Peters performance. His statement attempted to obfuscate and shift attention away from the issue of substance and onto the conspiratorial concerns of his bedrock supporters

If the SFO does investigate the NZF donations, the result will be the thorough scrutiny that the issues need if the political process is to escape the charge that it shelters unethical and perhaps illegal practices.

If he succeeds, and Peters is forced to face the consequences of his actions, no sympathy need be expended. Peters in this scandal has confirmed his reputation as the most cynical of New Zealand politicians, a harmful influence on the nation's public life and an unfit participant in government.

The Press examines and summarises the cynical battle being played before our very eyes.

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